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What does Scott Enloe, of Fly Fishing Team USA, Think of Syndicate Rods?

What does Scott Enloe, of Fly Fishing Team USA, Think of Syndicate Rods?

ScottEnloeSYNDICATE1034When SYNDICATE set out to build professional grade fly rods, and offer them at an unbeatable value, we knew that our word wouldn’t be convincing enough. SYNDICATE is on a quest to earn the approval of the top competition fly anglers, professional guides and fly shops in the country. We know that by using the best carbon fiber, technologically advanced resins, helical blank construction, and rock solid components that we can produce world class fly rods. But it doesn’t matter what we think!

So, what does Scott Enloe of FFTUSA think about our new 10′ 3 weight competition fly rod? Well, we will just share with you what Scott told us…

“I have tried my best to break it on a fish. So far I have failed. I have caught about fifty fish over 20″ so far. It holds up well and I love fishing it. I mean I have horsed them in trying to break rod or line. It works well at protecting tippet. All of the fish were caught on 6.5x and 7x tippet.”

Needless to say, when SYNDICATE receives that kind of praise we get all tingly inside! Get your hands on a SYNDICATE P21034 and we think you will too.

Be sure to check out Scott Enloe and Fly Fishing Team U.S.A. at the America Cup in Vail, Colorado beginning September 9, 2014. USA, USA, USA!


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