Your Syndicate Fly Rod is covered by a Lifetime Limited, original owner warranty. The lifetime limited warranty applies to rods registered with Syndicate, by the original owner. Be sure to register your new Syndicate rod via the form below. If your Syndicate fly rod was damaged, fill out the Repair Request Form. We may ask you to provide photos or other information. If we determine the problem is due to faulty workmanship, we will repair or replace the rod at no charge to you. If we determine the issue is due to one of the following listed below, a service charge will be applied to fix or replace the rod.  Our goal is to get you back on the water as quickly as possible using your Syndicate rod.

  • Neglect
  • Normal Wear
  • Improper Use
  • Spouse breaks it because you bought yet another fly rod
  • Intentional Breakage
  • Accidental/Unintentional Breakage
  • Fire/Loss/Theft
  • Modified Syndicate Rods

For help finding your Syndicate rod's model and serial number, please visit our FAQ page. The model number is made up of the rod series (abbreviated), rod length, rod weight, and number of sections. The model number is located just above the handle on the same side of the rod as the SYNDICATE logo. The serial number contains 10 characters, letters and numbers, and is located just above the handle on the opposite side of the rod as the SYNDICATE logo. Each rod has a unique serial number and will be used in all registration, warranty, and repair situations.