P2 Pipeline Pro Series

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The Syndicate P2 Pipeline Pro competition fly rod is exactly what you need to up your euro nymphing game. Renown for its lightweight and sensitivity, the P2 is quickly becoming one of the most popular competition fly rods in the United States. The Syndicate P2 Pipeline Pro not only protects fine tippets but also has the backbone to subdue larger fish when it counts. The P2 fly rod has the appropriate action for European style nymphing and throws dry dropper and indicator rigs without issue. This fly rod is also popular with drift boat guides and PWC anglers, as the length helps increase client drifts, reduce water slap during the backcast, and is easy to cast all day. Our fly rods include a protective rod tube and come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

For more information about our P2 Pipeline Rods visit: Choosing the Right Fly Rod


  • Helical Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Mid Flex, Fast Recovery Blank
  • 4A Cork Half Wells Grip
  • Hardwood Reel Seat Insert
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Reel Seat Components
  • Matte Finish Olive Blank
  • TiCH Single Foot Guides
  • Ceramic Insert Rings
Rod P20934 P21024 P21034 P21044 P21124 P21134
Length 9 Feet 10 Feet 10 Feet 10 Feet 11 Feet 11 Feet
Line  3 wt 2 wt 3 wt 4 wt 2 wt 3 wt
Weight 74 g 81 g 85 g 88 g 92 g 96 g
Fighting Butt No No Optional No No Yes

37 Reviews

Robert Watkins Dec 13th 2021

P2P 10’ 3wt

I fish around 150 days a year, all over the country, usually alone, and I don’t plaster every fish I catch across 10 different social media platforms or have a YouTube channel. I just love to fish for trout and go to beautiful places. I’m not beholden to any company and rarely write reviews, frankly a lot of the stuff out there is junk from waders to boots to rods to packs. I’ve been fooled by good marketing of poor products just like everybody else and went on to regret it. I have managed to find some stuff out there over the years that live-up to the promises made. Anyway, I think i have an unbiased opinion about the stuff i use. This is the 3rd syndicate rod I’ve bought. The first was the 11’ 3wt. Loved the rod. My beautiful daughter got obsessed with fly fishing about the time the reaver was coming out, so she got the 11’. The second was the Reaver, I Liked the reaver didn’t love it. I never really meshed with the grip. Got pretty slippery with some fish slim on it, and more often than not it had fish slim on it. Damn good rod, almost to sensitive. I found myself setting the hook way more frequently than with the P2. It casted well but not significantly better than the P2, and handled fish up to 24” efficiently. No real increase in fish numbers but a nicer rod and as I said noticeably more sensitive. I’m sure the composite handle had a lot to do with that’ it just never felt right in my hand. Unfortunately it fell out of my Riverquiver on a rough forestry road in New Mexico, gone forever (heartbreaking), hopefully somebody found it and is using it. Anyway I replaced it with the P2 10’3wt. I shopped around and was lucky enough to get to demo (fish) several different rods including the Sage ESN, TNT contact 2, a cortland, the Orvis euro style rod, etc, and had the money to get any 1 of them I wanted. I swear the P2 10’3wt is the best 1 of the bunch. The Sage and TnT have nicer components, but I think fisherman care about that more than the fish. I’ve not been able to put my finger on exactly why the P2 is better, it just FISHES better than any other rod I’ve fished regardless of price. I should also add that the customer service is excellent, and buy the spare tip section, they’re cheap and will save you a day on the water.

Gabriel Nov 23rd 2021

10 3wt

I purchased this rod as a competition rod for school events. I’m new to euro nymphing but this rod casts well and keeps fish pinned even with barbless hooks. I really feel that this is the perfect rod especially at this price point.

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