Reaver (rēv´ẽr) - One who takes by force  

Finally, a premium euro nymphing rod that was designed from seat to tip for tight line nymphing. 

When we challenged ourselves to develop the best nymphing rod available, we hit several hurdles. We could have chosen inferior materials or easier manufacturing processes, however we chose not to compromise. Instead we pushed forward and didn't take the easy road. It required innovation at every step. It required developing new parts of the supply chain. It required using manufacturing technology that has never been used on a fly rod. The effort has paid off and we are excited to announce the new Reaver Series - with zero compromises.


The Reaver Series Features

• Light, Powerful Nano Silica Carbon Fiber Matrix Blanks

• REC Components, Nickel Titanium Recoil Guides

• 3D Printed, Biocompatible, Recyclable, PEI Grip 

• Commercially Pure Titanium Reel Seat Skeletons w/ Carbon Fiber Insert

• Anodized Aluminum Rod Tube and Sock



What Kind of Grip Does The Reaver Have?

The feel of each stone as your flies bounce along the streambed and the ability to detect those subtle strikes is exactly the thought behind the aerospace grade polymer grip. The truth is, cork and epoxies dampen vibrations. That is not what you want while contact nymphing. The Reaver is the first production fly rod on the market to incorporate a 3D printed, Polyetherimide (PEI) grip to increase sensitivity and feel. PEI is amorphous, high performance engineered thermoplastic. It is biocompatible, recyclable, and lighter than carbon fiber. PEI is used extensively in the aerospace, defense, nuclear, and automotive industries. It has a very high resistance to UV and water absorption while remaining stable at high and low temperatures. Basically, It is durable, comfortable, and most importantly, effective

The hollow grip utilizes two “fins” that allow for optimal strength versus weight. This connection forces all vibration from the blank through these fins, all leading directly to the angler’s hand. A huge improvement over cork or foam filled carbon fiber. Printing these grips also allows us to customize each grip to the diameter of each blank, eliminating the need for extra epoxy, bushings or spacers underneath the grip. That means less weight and more feel.  

We hand shaped the unique grip on a wood lathe in Tennessee, laser scanned it to a Solidworks model, and 3D printed them right here in the U.S.A. Our grip has flat spots on the two sides to keep your hand registered correctly whether using an index finger or thumb on top grip to cover both casting and high stick drifting, all while eliminating grip twist. This fly rod grip shape is a compact 6 inch design that positions your hand further back on the blank to achieve perfect balance with a smaller reel. The grip is designed to the minimum for the material and was shaped to allow for a smooth grip change when changing from drifting to fish fighting or thumb over casting. No counter weights or magic tricks required.

Syndicate Reaver is also the first production fly rod to incorporate commercially pure titanium hardware to allow for thinner, more durable reel seat components. Once machined and polished, there is no need for further coatings to wear off later or fade from UV exposure. One of the most difficult metals to machine efficiently, titanium has a natural beauty that "titanium colored" aluminum just can't match. 

Nickel Titanium Recoil guides span the length of the blank to reduce weight, and maximize durability. This patented nickel titanium alloy allows for a light-weight flexible guide that returns to its original shape after deformation. The real kicker is that we added an extra guide just above the grip to eliminate line sag during tight line situations more than ever before. This also keeps the line closer at hand for more efficient control, without interfering with your traditional casting performance.

All of these components are fit onto our new Nano Matrix blank. With access to a new nano silica resin, we were able to build a medium-fast action, carbon fiber blank with the thinnest, strongest, walls possible. The thinner diameter opens the doors to a rod that is lightweight, strong, casts with ease and accuracy, and recovers faster than ever before. The Matte Gray finish will allow the angler to be stealthy while sneaking up on those wary fish.


Check out the Reaver product page for more information!