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Finally, a nymphing rod that was built from seat to tip with nymphing in mind. The Reaver rod was not built to play any games, it was built to change the game of Euro style, and tight line nymphing. Here is why:

Cork dampens feel, period. The only way around that is to remove the cork, so we did. The Reaver is the first rod on the market to incorporate a 3D printed, PEI 9085 handle, that will enhance feel rather than dampen it. Our proprietary design allows for a handle that is built via "additive manufacturing" to eliminate waste and can be manufactured to fit each rod exactly, no matter the size of the blank. This means less fillers, which further dampen the feel. By working with some of the top aerospace and 3D printing engineers in the USA, we were able to build a grip that is extremely light weight, UV resistant, won't soak up water, and will not get hot in the sun due to it's low thermal transfer intelligence. The shape of the handle is a one of a kind rod grip design based upon a hammer, which always sits in the hand in the correct position. Why shouldn't your fly rod do the same?

Black pearl Recoil guides span the length of the blank to look great, perform better, and maximize durability. The real kicker is that we added an extra guide just above the grip to eliminate line sag during tight line situations more than ever before. This also keeps the line closer at hand for increased line control and more efficient fish catching abilities.


  • Nano Silica Thermoset Resin & Carbon Fiber Construction

  • Progressive Mid-Flex, Fast Recovery Blank

  • Polyetherimide Hammer Grip

  • Woven Carbon Fiber Reel Seat Insert

  • Pure Titanium Reel Seat Skeleton

  • Matte Finish

  • Recoil Guides by REC Components

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1 Review

David O'Donovan Feb 22nd 2021

Syndicate REAVER

I have always said that a rod is a rod is a rod. The Reaver is the exception. The design of the Reaver has to be applauded. I thought Cork would never be replaced but the shape and contour of the handle is both comfortable and practical. I don't know what it's made from but nymphs bouncing on the river bed are easily detected with takes vibrating up your arm. The first guide is located just 7 inches from the handle insuring mono doesn't cling to the rod in wet conditions, it also makes it easier to catch and control the line when a fish takes. I used this rod today in very windy conditions. Line was easily controlled using two 2.5mm beads. I must say it was a bold but calculated move by the Syndicate team to change the appearance and design of such a simple tool that has been the same for hundreds of years. The Syndicate Reaver will be casting my nymphs for years to come.

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