What makes a high performance fly rod? Who decides what they are worth?

We could attempt to answer such questions by waxing poetically about the merits of our advanced carbon fiber matrices, helical construction, space age resins, rock solid engineering, and blah, blah, blah. After all, these are buzz words an industry has conditioned us all to base our decisions on for decades. And while these technological advances and innovations in rod design are important, they don’t really answer those questions to our satisfaction here at SYNDICATE. In fact we can answer both of those questions with two words…

Answer: You do!

That’s right, each SYNDICATE fly rod is designed based on real feedback from dozens of recreational and  professional fly anglers. In fact we spend months on each individual rod model. We spec out a prototype and gather feed back from our world class pro staff. Next, we integrate any required changes based on that feedback. The next prototype then goes to the water where it gets tested by whomever we find that is willing to help. After we feel that we have a rod that is worthy of our customers, we create a “golden sample” rod. Then it’s back to the water where we absolutely hammer that fly rod until we are satisfied that it is ready for production. Not just one model in a series, but every single model.

SYNDICATE™  manufactures and distributes high performance fly rods to specialty retailers, fly shops and fly fishing professionals.